10 Essential Apps for iPad

March 19th, 2012 at 5:03 pm

There are hundreds of thousands of apps available for the iPad, but there is a fraction that can be called must-haves. Whether it is for functionality or entertainment, these are what Computer World considers as essential for every iPad owner. Note that this list excludes apps exclusively offered by Apple such as GarageBand, iMovie, and iWork.

Reeder – For $5, this RSS app syncs feeds via Google Reader and presents a very elegant way of reading the latest articles from favorite websites.

Instapaper – This app acts as an extension to the iPad’s browser, as well as on the RSS reader and Twitter client. If you encounter a lengthy article you wish to read, tap on Instapaper and it highlights the text and inline images while leaving out all the navigation, social networking modules, and Flash ads. This leaves the article in its purest form, which you can control the font and brightness.

Tweetbot – It is an excellent Twitter client for the iPhone, and even better on the iPad. Costing $3, this app has a unique interface and features gesture support, making it a powerful app that is also fun to use!

Netflix – Netflix allows you to stream movies and television shows. It is free to download, but note that watching movies and TV shows over the Internet may require a bit of paying.

Flipboard – This free app presents your favorite content in an impressive magazine-like layout. It connects to your Facebook, Twitter, and Google Reader feeds.

PCalc Lite Calculator – It is strange that the iPad does not have an in-house calculator app. That is why you need one, and PCalc Lite is just the right one for this tablet. This free app adds a lot of functionality. Apart from the basic calculator, it also turns into a scientific calculator, unit converter, Reverse Polish notation, and many more. There is also a $10 version, but why go for that if you can get one for free?

CNN – While there are hundreds of news apps, no other news app offers the polish seen on CNN for the iPad. The free app features videos and cleanly-laid-out articles. There are also tons of photographs, easy-to-read text, and high-quality video materials.

Super Stickman Golf – Many iPad users will probably fill their tablets with games, but this one is recommended even to the busybodies who do not play games too often. This fast-paced golfing game allows users to pick the angle and power of your shot. You also unlock power-ups as you enhance your game. Costs just $3.

Dropbox – Free on the iPad, this Web service lets you create a folder on your tablet that syncs automatically with any other computer. You can upload saved photos and videos to your Dropbox folder, or saved files in compatible apps on your iPad.

Toontastic – Parents sometimes could not help borrowing their iPads to the kids and this app is ideal for them. Toontastic is a free app that lets children create their own animated cartoons. They can draw their own characters or choose from a library. Add background music, sceneries, and recorded narration, and watch it with friends.

Source: Computer World


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