Microsoft Raids Botnets; Online Criminals Be Warned

March 26th, 2012 at 1:11 pm

A number of Microsoft employees, accompanied by United States marshals, raided two office buildings in Pennsylvania and Illinois over the weekend in an attempt to disrupt operations of botnets.

One of many forms of modern-day online crime, botnets are groups of computers that help harvest bank account passwords and other personal information from millions of computers.

With the help of a warrant from a federal judge, the Microsoft employees–consisting of lawyers and technical personnel–gathered evidence and deactivated Web servers used by criminals to infect computers and steal personal data. Microsoft was also able to seize control of hundreds of Web addresses that it claims were used as part of the same scheme.

The raid was part of Microsoft’s crusade in combating such crimes, rather than waiting for law enforcement offices to act.

While the criminals behind the scheme remain unknown, the Microsoft raid team hopes that what happens would send a message to the criminals.

Source: New York Times

Photo credit: Michael Sisak for The New York Times


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