Patent Wars- The Modern Tech Battle

March 26th, 2012 at 1:43 pm

It may sound like there’s a battle going out there in the world of tech, because there is. It’s a silent one that happens only between the tech adversaries. It is always between fierce competitors trying to get that edge over the other, getting that advantage not just to move up, but also to survive. And when you are a tech giant, a vast cache of different intellectual properties becomes a vaunted shield against attacks.

Today, competition is no longer just about making better products or offering better services. It is also becoming more of trying to limit a competitors progress to keep at pace at the very least to another company’s own. If ever one tech company seems to be going a bit farther in its development of new products, expect the other companies to mount a challenge, not by creating competing products, but by threatening patent infringement here and there.

It is a sad case how competition among the tech companies is slowly evolving into patent wars instead of pitting one good product against another. It just doesn’t help the eventual consumers benefit from any of it. What it might do is try to somehow limit the introduction of new products in the market. If a company with a promising product but doesn’t have a formidable patent portfolio to defend itself against potential patent challenges, then it might somehow think twice before making its way into the consumer market. Sadly, that has been the way that some smaller companies may feel trying to put their own products in the market.

In today’s world of tech business, the patent portfolio has become a costly weapon to acquire that arms most tech companies with the means to just survive a highly competitive tech market. That’s how business is done mostly in the tech sector nowadays. It’s patent versus patent in a battle between competitors and it has somehow gotten worse along the way.


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