Samsung Reports 5 Million Galaxy Note Shipments In 5 Months

March 28th, 2012 at 2:24 am

In the portable device front, competition is still very fierce among different manufacturers. Between smartphone and tablet makers, there is always a battle ahead. But in the case of Samsung, it decided to create an in-between device that fall right in the middle of the two popular categories of devices.

Dubbed as the Samsung Galaxy Note, it was being commonly called as a “phablet”, a play of words between a phone and a tablet. Some say that this unique device category will just become a momentary fad. But with shipments of over 5 million units to date, people may now be thinking differently.

Yes, Samsung reports that its Galaxy Note “phablet” has recently reached a milestone of sorts. In just over five months, this unique device has so far shipped 5 million units so far all over the world. Five million Samsung Galaxy Notes in 5 months, now that is something that many people would usually equate with all devices branded Apple. But surprisingly, Samsung has finally found a potential market niche where it has been first. And it might bring great things to a rapidly growing global company trying to stake a share of market space among the giants.

According to Samsung, China and several countries in Europe have taken a fascination with this new market segment. Not only that, it may have also helped that the Samsung Galaxy Note has received quite a favorable review among consumers and evaluators alike in many areas, making it a device worth owning. Add to that being in a market where no relative competitors have yet tried to stake a claim, you have the Samsung Galaxy Note standing up on its own. Knowing this, most would understand why it was able to reach its recent milestone and probably exceeded expectations.

But this distinction may somehow change as some competitors may slowly be entering this market for “phablets”. It might just become a major market someday if the next devices to come out in its category do become very popular. Until then, Samsung will continue enjoying their initial success in the phablet market. It just goes to show that certain business risks can still pay off big.


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