LG Starts Production Of Flexible E-Ink Displays

March 30th, 2012 at 4:05 pm

LG has announced that it is beginning to lay down the plans of mass producing the world’s first flexible plastic e-ink display. Being the world’s first, it may set the tone for what future displays and devices using e-ink technology may be heading for in the future. And many people are getting excited to the different applications it can be used for.

LG has long been behind the shadow of its fellow South Korean gadget maker Samsung in terms of popularity in the world device market. This new venture might just help it get back into contention in the highly competitive world of gadgets. This new flexible e-ink plastic display may just help them get there.

The e-ink display in question comes with a resolution of 1024×768 with a 6-inch diagonal screen size. But unlike e-ink displays being used in devices such as the Kindle e-book which is made of glass, LG’s version is made out of plastic. This gives it the advantage in terms of weight as it is 50 percent lighter and 30 percent thinner than the conventional glass version.

But despite the idea that plastic may not be durable, LG notes that its flexible e-ink display is also quite rugged, able to withstand repeated 1.5 meter drops and scratch tests using a small hammer. It can also be bent up to 40 degrees from the mid point.

While the world’s first flexible e-ink to be mass produced by LG may be exciting, it is just the first step towards advancing the realm of flexible displays. LG’s R&D has even developed an e-ink 19-inch color display that may be possibly used as a future tabloid paper. LG expects to come out with e-readers featuring its flexible display sometime this month and may possibly be introduced first in Europe.


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