TweetDeck Bug Allows You to Access Other Accounts

March 31st, 2012 at 2:45 pm

Twitter has taken its TweetDeck application offline after one user spotted a bug that would allow some users to access other accounts.

Geoff Evason, a TweetDeck user based in Sydney, reported to Twitter a startling discovery: that he has accessed other TweetDeck accounts without having to do anything to make it happen. He also discovered that he could post from such accounts.

Since learning about the bug, Twitter immediately shut off access to TweetDeck. The company barely elaborated on the issue, except tweeting that the app is “currently down while we look into an issue.”

TweetDeck, a favorite among Twitter’s “power users,” used to be a standalone company until Twitter acquired it last May 2011 for about $40 million. The app is back to normal as of this posting.

Source: TweetDeck on Twitter, via TechCrunch


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