Gmail Suffers Massive Outage

April 18th, 2012 at 2:14 pm

Google’s web email service has suffered a serious outage, which could have left up to 35 million Gmail users (or 10 percent globally) deprived of accessing their personal–even work–email accounts.

The outage began at Tuesday noon, New York time, and lasted for more than an hour. Many users of Gmail and Google Apps in the United States were left without access, while the rest of the world remained mostly unscathed.

The software giant initially stated the outage affected less than two percent of total Gmail users, with an estimate of 5.3 million affected mail accounts. About half an hour after the initial outage, Google said the problem “should be resolved.”

Later in the evening, however, Google increased its estimates and said the problem has caused “less then 10 percent” of total users were left without their email. The company also noted on the delays running Google Apps because “affected accounts weren’t available to receive messages,” assuring users that messages will be delivered once account access is restored.

Reports suggest that only users of Gmail’s web interface were affected by the outage, while those using IMAP/ POP connections in a third-party desktop client, as well as mobile users, could access their accounts easily.

Google remained mum about what caused the outage.

Source: ZDNet

Image credit: Spencer E. Holtaway/ Flickr


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