Do Employers Hire Applicants Based on Klout Scores?

April 26th, 2012 at 7:49 pm

Wired magazine reports about a “disturbing” trend of job applicants being turned down because their “Klout scores” were too low. Klout is a San Francisco-based startup that quantifies people’s “online influence” using its own algorithm along with user data from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social platforms. The higher your Klout score, the better.

For reference, Justin Bieber has a perfect Klout score of 100, mainly because of his 18 million Twitter followers, while angel investor of Silicon Valley, Ron Conway, comes in at a paltry 48.

That alone lies the inconsistency. It is unfathomable how a person with immense duty and responsibility in the tech world could only muster a relatively low score.

The people who claim they were rejected due to their uninfluential scores swear they do not make these stories up. One man claimed that once his Klout score of 34 was shown at the computer, the employer cut the interview short. That position was eventually given to a candidate with a Klout score of 67.

But the issue lies on how you are supposed to get a higher Klout score. Wired noted that “mindlessly tweeting ‘food porn’ up to 45 times a day could generate higher Klout score.

Source: Wires, via PC Magazine


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