Apple Still Reports Record Revenues, Profits For Q2 2012

April 27th, 2012 at 2:05 am

Apple may still be the juggernaut that it is, even without the late Steve Jobs. It seems that the iPhone and iPad maker still has some of that magic in the Post-Jobs era of the company. Case in point- Apple’s Q2 figures show that the company is still enjoying record figures in terms of sales and profits.

According to a recent Apple Q2 2012 report, the company is still enjoying a record year as it just reported one of its most profitable quarters yet. Apple announced that for the Q2 ending March of 2012, it has posted a quarterly revenue of around $39.2 billion and a quarterly net profit of $11.6 billion. That is quite a set of numbers compared to the same quarter last year where Apple posted a total of $24.7 billion in total revenue for a net profit of $6 billion.

When comparing the numbers, it showed that Apple enjoyed an astounding 94 percent increase in net profits for the currently ending quarter. For this quarter, the company reported that 64 percent of the revenue can be attributed to international sales of their products. And there is still much to be desired in the coming months as the international markets are still just opening up to the allure of the Apple products.

During the recent quarter, Apple has sold 35.1 million iPhones, which resulted in an 88 percent increase compared to sales during the same quarter of last year. The company also sold 11.8 million iPads so far, representing a 151 percent increase from sales during the Q2 2011 period. As for its other products, Apple sold around 4 million Macs for the quarter while its iPod sales dropped 15 percent to 7.7 million, probably the only smudge on Apple’s record quarterly sales.

Well, it seems that Apple still is in a good place after current CEO Tim Cook took over. The future still seems to look bright for one of today’s most successful tech companies. If they just continue to come up with products that capture the imaginations of customers worldwide, then they have a lot more of such success to look forward to.


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