Bing Introduces Latest Redesign; Adds Social Function on the Side

May 11th, 2012 at 2:18 pm

Bing is set to roll out its major redesign yet, which separates search results into three sections. There is the algorithmic, text-based results in the center; context such as maps and reviews on the right; and social assistance from friends and experts located on the far right.

This latest design update would be Bing’s answer to “Search Overload,” that exhausted feeling you get from search results that have become a messy clutter of links, tools, social, maps, and actions. The left sidebar we used to see on Bing has been cleared for a calmer, more minimal effect.

The “Snapshot” section, the middle column, shows maps, product reviews, restaurant ratings, and the ability to make reservations or book flights. The social functionality of Bing is a result of the search engine’s Instant Personalization partnership with Facebook, wherein you can see if your friends have Liked certain search results. It does not, however, alter search results rankings and clutter it with names and faces. You only see it as a little gray thumbs up beside the algorithmic results, wherein you hover over it to see who liked it.

There is also an “Ask Friends” field on the right sidebar, where you are ask for help sorting through search results. Simply type in your question and submit, then Bing post that as well as share a link to your question on Facebook. You will be notified if a friend provides the answers you seek, such as which of the hotels you have search is their favorite.

Below that is the Friends Who Might Know section, featuring your Facebook friends who have liked your search results and can be a great resource to discuss about your search. Click on your friend to mention them in a Facebook post asking for their assistance. There is also People Who Know, displaying experts (not necessarily your FB friends) in the topic you are search about.

The redesign has so far receive positive feedback. Josh Constine of TechCrunch said this latest update is “going to be a huge win for Bing” and “could narrow the gap between Bing and Google.”

The new Bing will be available soon. You can sign up to Bing newsletter and become one of the first Americans to try it.

Source: Bing, via TechCrunch


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