Torrent Sites Find Refuge in Philippines’ Web Domain

May 16th, 2012 at 6:51 pm

Since American authorities took a hardline stance against torrent and file sharing sites, as exemplified with the recent arrest of’s CEO, many similar websites and online services started to look for ways to escape arrest and prosecution.

Some of these sites found solace in the Philippines, most notably KissAssTorrents that has moved to a domain last April 2011. Another popular torrent site Demonoid also redirected its .com domain to just last month. Cybercrime expert Drexx Laggui says the situation “highlights the complicated web with which domain governance and Internet laws in the country are currently tangled in.”

One of the reasons why torrent sites used the .ph domain is because offshore domains provide a safe haven. The Philippines has very few laws concerning the governance of the Internet, while its anti-piracy measures are aging. This despite being the home of the ILOVEYOU virus.

The two torrent sites transacted with dotPH Domains, Inc, the official domain registry in the Philippines. However, unlike other countries whose top-level domains are administered by the government, the .ph domain is being sold by a private individual.

According to Laggui, torrent sites with .ph domains are “simply exploiting the transnational nature of the Internet, as well as the aging anti-piracy laws that try to come after them.”



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