YouTube Celebrates 7th Birthday

May 22nd, 2012 at 3:34 am

YouTube has indeed come a long way. From a simple garage where it was developed, YouTube has risen up the Internet echelon to become the premiere social video resource whether for comedy, politics, entertainment, and education.

And now YouTube is celebrating its seventh year in existence, the Google-acquired company reports that it now uploads an average of 72 hours of video every minute, while users (both registered and otherwise) watch over 3 billion hours of media content every month.

The YouTube Team wrote on their official blog: “Behind the tens of millions of channels on YouTube featuring talented filmmakers, home videos, skateboarding tricks, music, and car enthusiasts there has always been one consistent voice: you. Throughout our seven years you’ve made the YouTube community what it is. Thank you!”

Source: YouTube blog, via Engadget


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