Zagat Local Reviews Integrated in Google+

May 31st, 2012 at 2:48 pm

Google continues to update its social networking venture to keep its users spend more time in Google+. The GPlus introduces a “Local” tool that allows users to look for information about nearby establishments–from museums, spas, restaurants, and hotels–and share it within their circles. The Local tab also incorporates data from Zagat, the reputable review company that Google acquired last year.

The Local tab is located on the left-hand side of Google+, where users can learn more about the places within their area. For instance, searching for a restaurant or store leads you to photos, as well as Zagat scores and reviews, along with comments from people you know.

Representatives of Google said that the “Local” addition in Google+ is a year in the making. “This takes any place that your friends have touched and provides you with interesting and relevant search results,” Avni Shah, director of product management at Google, told Mashable. Users can also filter their Local tool on aspects they think are important, such as reviews from “People Like You.”

The Google+ Local is also available on mobile devices, but only on Android for now, with an iOS version soon to follow.

Source: Mashable


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