Internet Explorer 10 Makes Anti-Tracking Functionality Default

June 1st, 2012 at 7:08 pm

Microsoft’s upcoming browser gives in to the fervent hopes of ad-irate netizens, much to the chagrin of web advertisers. The company announced that Internet Explorer 10 will have “Do Not Track” functionality turned on by default. This prevents third-party companies to track down what users search and navigate for, which would have been used to provide targeted advertisements on web pages.

Microsoft also vowed to move ahead with the plan despite complaints from the advertising industry. “While some people will say that this change is too much and others that it is not enough, we think it is progress and that consumers will favor products designed with their privacy in mind over products that are designed primarily to gather their data”, Internet Explorer vice president Dean Hachamovitch said in an interview.

The “Do Not Track” technology is a result of efforts the Federal Trade Commission initiated in December 2010, which would allow computer users to choose whether they want companies to snoop into their online behavior. Microsoft launched that feature in Internet Explorer 9 that same month, which was turned off be default.

The support for DNT technology has been gaining tremendous support in different sectors of the online world, including Twitter. The functionality, however, will remain optional. This means that websites, apart from the browser, also need to support DNT technology to realize its full potential.

Source: Beta News


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