Google Acquires Meebo

June 5th, 2012 at 4:38 pm

Google is still making moves to further bolster its own social network Google+. One of its recent moves is the acquisition of the popular Web IM service Meebo. It may be set to provide other features to the social network that was launched with much fan fair but has so far performed a bit below expectations. The recent news may help Google+ add a chat feature into the social network and other technologies which might further bolster its status on the web.

The announcement of the planned acquisition was recently posted online by Meebo on its blog. The blog post said that both parties have entered into an agreement for the internet search giant to acquire the Web IM pioneer. No official word yet has been offered regarding the price of the acquisition and the other details of the said agreement. But some reports are saying that the deal borders around $100 million.

Meebo is considered to be one of the first online services ever to offer a Web-based chat client to online visitors. It also gave people the means to log in to multiple chat clients on a single site using their Web browsers. During the year that it was launched in 2005, most IM clients still operated as a separate application that users need to install into their computers.

Since then, Meebo has moved on to launch multiuser chat rooms as part of their service. It also provided API’s to allow developers to build tools for it as well as mobile apps to make them functional on smartphones and other portable devices. Meebo has also been planning to add in extra social and advertising features to websites as part of its services. This may be considered as an advantage for both Google+ and Meebo as the acquisition may make it possible for both companies to further develop their complementary goals. While the acquisition has already been announced by Meebo, the actual date of acquisition still has to be announced. Both companies may be announcing it together in their respective blogs anytime soon.


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