New Tactile User Interface Prototype Forms Physical Buttons On A Touchscreen Surface

June 6th, 2012 at 4:34 pm

With touchscreen displays now becoming the preferred interface for many of today’s devices, it may someday even be used for other bigger devices. But using them may not always be convenient for most people. Virtual keys and buttons on the touchscreen can sometimes be inconvenient to use with the lack of some tactile experience, making users prone to mistakes when using them. Tactus Technology is developing a new tactile user interface for touchscreen displays that may someday eliminate this.

Tactus Technology has developed a tactile user interface prototype for touchscreen displays that makes it possible for physical buttons to appear on the touchscreen itself when needed.  The patent pending Tactile Layer technology makes use of microfluids that rises up to form physical buttons that can be used to type better than using virtual buttons. When not needed, the buttons flatten and becomes barely visible, making the flat surface ideal for use as a touchscreen interface.

Currently, the company has developed a very early prototype of a QWERTY keyboard on a touchscreen display. It aims someday to develop the technology further to develop better pressure sensitive and customizable buttons that can appear on the touchscreen in a variety of orientations and not just a single one. The technology truly offers some promising applications for future touchscreen devices. But it may yet take some time before this technology becomes a common feature on future touchscreen gadgets.


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