Facebook Opens App Center

June 8th, 2012 at 5:34 pm

With apps now becoming quite popular among smartphone and tablet owners, business in this market is booming, with much more to expect. More and more app markets are suddenly sprouting up, with current leaders of the market being Apple and Google. You can now add Facebook into the list as it has just opened its own App Center recently.

Facebook has just announced that it is opening up the doors to its own App Center. The social network giant has now become an app vendor as well, after so many years of having game developers use the site to introduce their online game apps in the social network. According to Facebook, the App Center will be a venue for people to explore and obtain only high quality apps in a very vast app market. Quality of the apps will primarily be determined by user ratings and engagement. People can also choose apps from the App Center that their friends recommend or are currently using.

As an ideal starting point, the Facebook App Center is reported to be opening its doors with 600 apps available. The apps came from a wide range of reputable third-party app developers and partners. The App Center is available for use on the desktop as well as on the Facebook mobile app for both Android and iOS devices.

The Facebook App Center provides another popular platform for the promotion and introduction of a wide variety of mobile apps to another audience. It will be able to take advantage of the social networking giant’s over 230 million users that are known to play games on the site each month. This will only help provide some added boost to the game app market or the app market in general. And due to its wild popularity, Facebook might also have found another means to earn some added revenue.


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