Facebook Now Allows Users to Edit Comments Anytime

June 22nd, 2012 at 5:05 pm

If you have made a comment on Facebook and realized too late that you have misspelled a word, it is there forever. Sure, you can delete it and write it all over again, or press the X just after publishing the comment to edit it, but the social network wants to make it easier and more convenient this time.

Facebook introduces a new feature that allows users to edit their misspelled and grammatically wrong comments at any time. The service will also allow you to view the edit history of comments, so there is no chance for you to troll around.

You will know if the new feature rolls into your Facebook account when you can see the “Edit or Delete” option when you hover over the top-right corner of your comment. Edited comments will also be marked with an “Edited” tag next to the time stamp.

It remains unclear if this feature will also appear in Facebook’s mobile version, where it is much more needed considering the higher likelihood of misspellings and badly typed messages.

Source: PC World


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