3M Develops Virtual LED Technology

June 27th, 2012 at 2:32 am

Innovation seems to become scarce nowadays. But there are still some companies out there that specialize in offering innovations that have that potential to change the way we live. 3M, for example, developed what it calls Virtual LED technology that might just revolutionize the way future lighting may exist in home and offices.

3M Architectural Markets has recently entered into the lighting market by introducing an innovative and state-of-the-art lighting effect called Virtual LED technology. The technology was developed in collaboration with designer Todd Bracher that came about as a by-product of 3M’s modular architectural lighting system called LightFalls. This lighting system, combined with 3M’s Virtual LED technology, makes it possible to distribute light into a wider area using just a single LED light source.

The force behind Virtual LED technology is a proprietary 3M film that is capable of reflecting 98 percent of light from a source. The film allows light to be efficiently driven from a single LED source to one lighting module to another. What this creates is an illusion of having multiple LED bulbs when in fact there is only a single one. The new lighting line from 3M was recently showcased in the Wanted Design event that was held in the Tunnel in the Terminal Stores during New York Design Week.

Image Source: Gizmodo


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