Developer Stumbles Upon Facebook’s “Want” Button

June 29th, 2012 at 8:04 pm

A Facebook developer claims that he spotted something new within the latest version of Facebook’s software development kit (SDK). According to Tom Waddington, the highly-popular social network may be working on a new “Want” button, which will function similarly to the very familiar “Like” button.

Waddington even managed to incorporate the code into his own website, revealing the “Want” that looks just like the Like button. Facebook users can press the button to “want this,” but so far it is followed by a red error message.

The stark difference between the Want and Like is that the former has a small plus sign icon on the left side of the button, which could suggest additional capabilities.

Facebook has not published a public listing on Facebook’s developer site where its other social plugins can be found. This means that the social networking service is not gearing to reveal the Want button just yet. The problem with this upcoming (or experimental) feature is how users would be able to distinguish between the Like button and the new Want button.

Source: Los Angeles Times, via SlashGear


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