Amazon Buys UpNext And Into 3D Mapping Territory

July 4th, 2012 at 5:56 pm

Online maps have become quite big these days. The potential of 3D maps for many possible uses have led many of the tech giants to have their own version after Google has pioneered the sector with its ever popular Google Maps. Apple also has recently launched its own Apple Maps app that will run on its iOS devices. And it seems that another tech giant is entering into the 3D map territory as Amazon has reportedly closed a deal with 3D mapping company UpNext.

According to GigaOM, Amazon has closed in on the deal of acquiring UpNext, which is a company that has been dabbling in the area of 3D mapping. According to reports, the deal is said to be worth $2.5 million. It is quite a deal for an upstart company that was started in 2007 by 4 high school friends. UpNext provides a service that offers people a chance to view an interactive and highly detailed 3D map of over 50 cities in the US. These Android-native maps also come with navigation as well as extra information about landmarks in the area in 23 of those cities.

While the said deal may still require some confirmation from Amazon, it does give them an advantage of having their own online mapping service to offer to customers as well as owners of their Kindle tablets. Before, Amazon has to be content with offering only third party Android apps for their Kindle. But with the reported acquisition of UpNext, Amazon may now be able to offer native mapping services for future Kindle Fire models as well as a potential Amazon smartphone.

And with having its own mapping service, Amazon may now join the ranks of Google and Apple in the online mapping arena. The potential for other businesses based on this acquisition may enable Amazon to enter into uncharted territory, at least when it concerns the company. But surely, Amazon may have already weighed in on the benefits of an acquisition of this kind. It may also open up many avenues for the e-commerce giant in terms of new business models, connected or separate from its current businesses. Maybe Amazon may now be venturing into other opportunities, being the tech giant that it is, in order to gain an advantage or simply just survive the cut throat world of business, even for an accomplished business giant that it is.


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