Google Files Patent For Face Detection on Video

July 4th, 2012 at 6:27 pm

While facial recognition has become a common sight in today’s still photography, it remains a rarity in video except in certain research projects. Google is attempting to file a patent on facial recognition in video, but with welcome twist: the technology uses video frames to generate clusters of facial representations of a given person. The technique aims to “recognize” what a subject looks like from various angles, even in strange lighting conditions.

Engadget reports that such a technology would obviously be developed for YouTube, wherein users might someday tag people in videos. It could also be used to spot people in augmented reality apps, which is being used in Google’s Project Glass.

The patent alone cannot determine what Google’s future plans are, but it could provide a clue as to what the search engine giant has been thinking.

Source: USPTO, via Engadget


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