Thousands of Computers to be Shut Down July 9 Due to Malware Infection

July 6th, 2012 at 6:30 pm

Do you know that your computer, whether it is a Mac or PC, could be infected with some nasty malware without even realizing it? A malicious software called DNSChanger has been circulating the Web since 2007 and it causes affected computers to redirect Internet traffic to ad-riddled websites, thus providing the malware’s creators profit from unsuspecting visitors.

Although the trojan’s creators, consisting of six Estonian nationals, have been arrested about eight months ago and had their services shut down, over 275,000 computers remain at risk of not having Internet access on Monday, July 9th. This comes as the FBI will shut down domains that contain the malware.

The FBI has been encouraging consumers to have their computers checked for DNSChanger before Monday strikes. There are two easy ways to see if your device has been infected and fix them if needed. There is the check tool by DNS Changer Working Group, wherein you simply click the link and displays your computer’s status with a green (safe) or red (infected) box. Online security company McAfee also has its own DNS Check tool and tells you how to remove the malware manually just in case.

Source: Mashable


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