Google Ends Several Google Apps Services

August 6th, 2012 at 6:35 pm

Google has announced that is severing a handful of services from Google Apps related to business and education starting from next month in what the search giant claims as a means of “making way for bigger and better things.” Google Apps is the company’s enterprise communications and collaboration service, which allows enterprises, businesses, and educational institutions to outsource their platforms to the cloud.

Among the services Google will cease operations are Google Apps for Teams, Google Vide for Business, and Google Listen. The company will also streamline the number of official blogs it maintains, which currently counts to over 150 covering different Google-related services.

Created in 2008, Google Apps for Teams allowed Google Apps users to collaborate over Google’s non-email applications like Docs, Calendar, and Talk. Google decides to shut down the service on September 4th, citing that it was “not as useful for people as (Google) originally anticipated.”

Meanwhile, Google Vide for Business allowed businesses and academic institutions to use video for “internal communication.” The service will cease by this fall and all videos will be transferred to Google Drive instead of YouTube. The videos will not count against Google Drive’s overall quota and will be stored for free.

Google Listen will halt its operations after November 1st. The service was first designed for podcast users and the company decides that it has to go due the variety of podcasting apps now available, which can even be accessed from Google Play app store.

Also, the service giant will shut down official blogs that are “either updated infrequently, or are redundant with other blogs.”

Source: Google Blog, via ZDNet


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