Microsoft Says “Bing It On” – A Blind Comparison Study Of Bing Vs. Google Searches

September 7th, 2012 at 6:44 pm

Almost everybody has grown accustomed to associating online search with Google. It has been inculcated deep in our minds that “Googling” or “Google” has eventually become an accepted verb in the English language. But it is not to say that we will only be using the master of all online searches today. There are other challengers to the throne such as Bing who may be taking things to the next level, at least in trying to challenge Google’s supremacy in the world of online search.

Microsoft’s Bing has conducted a Bing It On campaign in an effort to give people a chance to compare search results between Google and Bing using the same keywords. This campaign is sort of a blind comparison test where people get to do an online search using keywords of their choice on the Bing It On website. Upon searching, people are then given a choice between search results coming from both Google and Bing side by side. But this time, ads and other branding features are removed, giving people a chance to look and compare between the two search engines.

People then choose from the left or the right search results to see which one gives the most accurate results pertaining to a chosen keyword. People can even choose “Draw” if both search engines give almost the same results. People can do this 4 more times up to Round 5 using other keywords of their choosing. The scores are then collected. The search engine that gets the most points out of five wins.

Bing It On is a creative campaign that gets people to try out the Bing search engine as well as offer the means to have people determine how it compares with Google. It somehow adds a fun and appealing factor to the whole task of online search. But it also becomes a comparison study that may help people realize that Bing may be a credible contender in the online search battle.

And since it is Bing’s comparison study, we might just hear it say positive things about the said search engine. But the people atMicrosoft Bing indicated that the blind comparison study was conducted by an independent research company called Answers Research based in San Diego, CA. The actual study conducted involved 1000 representative online sample group of people ages 18 years old and above across the US.

According to Bing, when the results were tallied, people were choosing Bing search results over Google’s at a ratio of nearly 2:1. We’ll that was what the study results showed. If you want, you can try it for yourself at Bing It On to see it the claim holds water, so to speak.

Image Source: Bing


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