Facebook Terminates Facial Recognition in Europe

September 21st, 2012 at 7:20 pm

Facebook has suspended its facial-recognition tool for users in Europe, based on recommendations from the Data Protection Commission of Ireland (DPC).

Although the office did not specifically call on Facebook to have the program completely removed, DPC Commissioner Billy Hawkes is delighted over Facebook’s move.

The facial-recognition feature is already unavailable for all new users in the continent, while current templates on other users will be deleted by October 15th.

This comes after DPC completed a review on how Facebook implements the privacy recommendations the DPC requested last year. At the time, the social networking site assures DPC that its photo-tagging feature would be more transparent, as well as reveal how its European users’ data is used. Facebook also informed its European users that they would receive alerts on how facial-recognition-based tagging works, so they could decide whether to use it or not.

Source: Irish Data Protection Commission, via PC Magazine


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