Google Offers 25 Cent App Downloads To Celebrate 25 Billion Downloaded Apps Milestone

October 1st, 2012 at 4:09 pm

It only was a relatively short time ago that Google opened up its Android App Store or, more specifically, Google Play Store. The store was launched about 4 years ago and it has since proven its mettle that it can compete with Apple’s App Store for app downloads. Just several days ago, Google Play has announced that it has reached its 25 billionth downloaded app milestone.

It may be quite interesting to note that the Apple App Store reached the same milestone earlier this year. Considering that the App Store started years earlier than Google Play, both stores reaching the same milestone in the same year is something worth talking about. It might be due to the many free apps available at Google Play that helped it reach the 25 billion mark relatively faster. It might also be because of the rapid increase of Android devices purchased by consumers all over the world. But whatever the reason, Google has good reason to celebrate for reaching its recent milestone.

In order to celebrate the moment, Google Play has opened up the occasion by offering many of its very popular app downloads for 75 percent off at just 25 cents each. This offer will go on for 5 days, according to Google. Today is considered as the 5th day and it may be the last day for you to get the 25-cent app downloads still available. If you are an Android device owner, you can still go to the Google Play Store to check out the choices still available.


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