eBay Redesigned, Looks Like Pinterest

October 10th, 2012 at 6:49 pm

Online retailer eBay has announced the launch of its redesigned website, featuring a cleaner look across its pages. The tech blogosphere could not help but compare the new look from Pinterest.

The new eBay Feed has been slowly creeping into United States for the next 100 days, but those who cannot wait can activate it by visiting www.eBay.com/feed. Users of the redesigned eBay can make their own feeds and follow other feeds, just like in Pinterest.

Other features of eBay’s new design include the new one-page checkout process and an improved PayPal integration.

Also, eBay Now, the experimental service that connects members with local establishments and delivers goods to them within the hour, is now available in the iTunes store. The service caters to customers in New York and San Francisco.

Source: The Next Web, via USA Today


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