YouTube Offers Real-Time Tracking to Nonprofit Channels

October 19th, 2012 at 9:35 pm

We all know by now that YouTube‘s video view counter gets stuck at around 301 as its mechanism to check legitimate visits, but the video sharing website will provide real-time counters for those who deserve it: nonprofit organizations.

YouTube has just introduced its Campaigns program, which it describes as a “digital thermometer” that sets goals for the number of desired views by real-time tracking. Campaigns can be users for single or multiple videos, wherein a tracking bar will appear on the sidebar of the video or as an overlay within the video, thus providing information to viewers about the campaign’s progress.

Nonprofit organizations can use Campaigns in their own YouTube channels (numbering at more than 18,000) to establish goals for their videos, whether it is about increasing views and or subscribers.

Source: YouTube Official Blog, via ZDNET


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