Skype To Replace Microsoft Messenger

November 7th, 2012 at 7:46 pm

For business giants like Microsoft, some acquisitions need to go through careful planning before they eventually become part in the order of things. In the case of Microsoft’s acquisition of Skype about more than a year ago, many experts were wondering what the software giant may be up to. It has taken more than a year before the questions were answered. According to a blog post at Skype, it is merging up with Microsoft Messenger and is announcing to Messenger users the option to migrate their contacts to the popular VoIP client.

This might have been what Microsoft have been planning all along when it acquired Skype to the tune of $8.5 billion, in cash. That was quite an acquisition back then, with experts not knowing what will become of Skype once it gets into Microsoft’s hands. But now, we do.

The recent move will indicate that Microsoft will be retiring its aging IM platform and then moving its features to its more popular acquisition. Messenger users will now be heading on the Skype by migrating their contacts there. This will also allow them to enjoy those popular Skype features such as the ability to make calls to landlines and mobile phones aside from being a video calling and instant messenger client.

With Microsoft’s Messenger merging with Skype, it stands a good chance of challenging other all-in-one messaging solutions out there such as Google Voice. It has a very good chance of mounting a challenge, if only just from the merge of two messaging users into one. Skype will experience an increase in users that will also determine if its infrastructure may be able to handle the immediate increase. How it will fare out in this aspect will help determine how people will eventually embrace the new Skype and Messenger merger. Failure would certainly cause disgruntled users to find other messenger clients they are more comfortable with.


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