Facebook Photo Sync Now Available for All Users

December 1st, 2012 at 7:23 pm

Facebook introduces its latest feature for all users. The Facebook Photo Sync allows users to automatically sync photos taken from their phone to a private album within the social network. They can then opt to share their favorite photos with family and friends using the Timeline.

The synced photos are saved in a section of Facebook that only the owner can see. They can share these images through the PC, mobile phone, or other devices.

To find out if you can already access this new option, check out the left-side sidebar using the Facebook app on your smartphone or tablet. Tap “Photos” located under Apps section. If there is a “Synced” at the bottom of the photo section, right next to “Photos of You” and “Albums” buttons, then you are good to go. PC users can go directly to their Timeline, click “Photos,” then look for “Synced From Phone” button at the top. Follow the instruction on connecting your mobile device to PC and you can start photo syncing.

Once you click on the Sync button, a confirmation screen would pop up. Click it again and the synchronization begins.

The Facebook Photo Sync allows up to 2GB of photos to be stored in the private folder. Users can also opt to have this feature turned off.

Facebook has been testing the new option since August, a news release said today, and allows users to sync up to 2GB of photos.

Source: Facebook, via PC Magazine


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