Fake Winning Powerball Ticket Spreads in Facebook

December 1st, 2012 at 8:29 pm

Apparently, a lot of Facebook users still do not get the memo and would share anything, including the obviously fake ones.

Last Thursday, a Facebook user named Nolan Daniels posted a photo of himself holding a supposedly-winning Powerball ticket, along with a caption that he would give $1 million to a random person who shared it. As of this posting, the poorly-photoshopped image has been shared 1.8 million times and judging by the comments, people still believe the offer is legit.

Daniels made his lie more elaborate when a friend asked if he was serious about winning the Powerball. “239 Million! I’m out celebrating now,” he wrote, claiming that he bought the ticket while visiting a client in Fountain Hills, Arizona.

You do not even have to inspect the pixels to determine the authenticity of the photo. Although the numbers displayed on Daniel’s ticket do match the $587.5 million winning combination, they are not in numerical order. A real Powerball ticket would have its first five numbers (the “white ball” numbers) arranged from lowest to highest.

Daniels has yet to respond in numerous questions from the media, with Gawker even asking why he is not volunteering for charity since “he apparently has too much time on his hands.”

Two Powerball tickets have the record-breaking jackpot. A couple in Missouri has been identified as the holders of one of the tickets. The other winner, who bought the ticket in Arizona, has yet to come forward.

Source: Gawker


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