Malicious Worm Hits Tumblr, Spreads Fake Post

December 3rd, 2012 at 8:28 pm

Tumblr, arguably the most hipster among all social networking services, suffered a hacking attack that lead to a worm spreading through users’ blogs. The malicious software published a fake post (pictured) from the “Gay N****r Association of America” (GNAA), a so-called “anti-blogging Internet-trolling organization,” telling Tumblr users to “drink bleach and die.”

“Your last chance for redemption hinges upon your death; your death which was most fortunately prescribed by your most unfortunate birth,” the all-caps-riddled fake post stated. “Fret not, dear emo, your death will be regarded as a sacrifice to humanity; to die a martyr is a glorious death, and will likely be your highest contribution to society.”

The fake post also called out Tumblr for the “propagation of the most f**king worthless, contrived, bourgeoisie, self-congratulating and decadent bulls**t the Internet has ever had the misfortune of facilitation.” The GNAA even threatened users that deleting the fake post would automatically wipe out their Tumblr blogs.

Tumblr caught wind of the security flaw and is encouraging users to “immediately” log out of any browsers, both in PC and mobile, where they have used Tumblr. A company spokesperson said that “Tumblr engineers have resolved the issue of the viral post attack.”

Graham Cluley, an analyst working for online security firm Sophos, wrote in a blog post that the worm apparently took advantage of Tumblr’s re-blogging feature. “Anyone who was logged into Tumblr would automatically reblog the infectious post if they visited one of the offending pages.”

Source: Gizmodo, via PC Magazine


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