Google Acquires BufferBox

December 6th, 2012 at 2:51 am

Google may still be exploring those other avenues of business where it can further grow. And while not every business move they make has turned to gold, exploring other business opportunities is just something that an online search giant needs to do if ever it wants to make better use of its revenue. Acquiring other businesses that will lead Google to enter markets without having to start over seems to be the best option. One of the recent acquisitions reported is that of BufferBox.

BufferBox has announced recently in its blog that it is set to be acquired by Google. This startup company deals with providing a parcel pickup service for other online commerce sites such as Amazon. It provides a more convenient alternative for people to ship their packages safely when buying products online. Consider it as a high tech PO Box and Google may be seeing something interesting in this start up that has been started just nearly two years ago by three graduates from the University of Waterloo in Ontario Canada.

Even the acquisition seems convenient for the two companies as both Google and BufferBox are office tenants in the Lang Tannery building located in the warehouse district in Ontario. BufferBox only needs to go up a flight of stairs in order to share offices with its new partner Google. While the details of the acquisition are still private, it just shows that Google may be interested in taking a niche in ecommerce. Although they might consider themselves working in trying to move products from the online store and into people’s homes. We only need to see how this new acquisition may fare out this time.


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