Microsoft Unleashes Socl to Beta

December 6th, 2012 at 12:24 am

Socl (pronounced “social”), Microsoft’s own social networking venture, has gone past its by-invitation-only phase and is now on beta mode, bringing it closer to becoming a full-fledged website.

Our affiliate site,, reported about Microsoft’s accidental leakage of its social network back in July 2011 when it was codenamed “Tulalip.” Then it was internally launched in October last year, making it available in some universities in United States (much like how Facebook started).

Socl has that Windows 8 tile-like look, emphasizing the use of images in searching and sharing instead of links. This is the site’s attempt to democratize it “even for people who speak different languages.” Users can find other people through posts, galleries, or someone else’s page.

The best part is Socl’s “parties,” where users lay out different YouTube videos into a playlist and let users listen to them and chat at the same time.

You can try it out for yourself and see if Socl can make a niche in the competitive social media field.

Source: Microsoft Research Fuse Labs, via Engadget


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