Facebook Users Overwhelmingly Vote Against Changes, But May Not Be Enough

December 10th, 2012 at 4:24 am

Close to 630,000 people have cast their vote in Facebook’s referendum on site governance and policy, with 88% wanting to block the changes. However, the social networking site wants an even higher turnout, or 299.4 million more people, to vote before the deadline (December 10th, 12 noon Pacific Time) to make the decision official.

With the way the votes inch very slowly, it is inevitable that Facebook will go on with the changes anyway, including stripping users the ability to vote on future changes and their data will be combined with Instagram. Thus, we are witnessing the end of Facebook’s experiment with “democracy.”

Analysts say it was never a democracy to begin with, since the voting system was structured in a way that it would be close to impossible for the results to be binding. Facebook requires 30% of all its users to vote for the majority decision to become binding. This is the third, and likely the final, time Facebook conducted a site governance vote.

To be fair to Facebook, it gave this referendum a fair chance. All users receive an email about the proposal, allowing them to share to friends the fact that they voted, and those posts were featured prominently in the news feed.

You can vote here and decide whether Facebook should adhere to existing governance document (the “no” vote) or the new proposed changes (the “yes” vote) that would remove users’ ability to vote and allow the combination of Facebook and Instagram data.

Source: TechCrunch


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