Twitter Lets Users Download Their Tweet Archive

December 17th, 2012 at 1:21 am

After several months since it was announced, Twitter is slowly introducing a new feature that would allow users to download all their tweets into a single file. To check if you can reminisce on the time you were excited about tweeting using SMS, go to Twitter‘s desktop client and look for “request your archive” in your settings.

If the “request your archive” button appears in your Twitter settings, you can click on it. The microblogging service would send you an email containing a link where you could download the file containing every tweet you’ve ever made. How long would you need to wait to receive the download link depends on how long you’ve been tweeting and how many you have tweeted.

Once downloaded, you can view your archived tweets as an offline HTML file. Its browsing function is similar to Facebook’s Timeline and includes a nice graph showing how many you have tweeted on a monthly basis.

Twitter becomes the latest Web company to allow users access the data they have contributed. Google has offered data download features to its numerous online services, allowing users to extract data in “an open, interoperable, portable format.” Facebook also has an option for users to download part of their data.

Twitter’s interface has made it difficult to browse through older tweets. Its timeline could only take you through a few thousand tweets before giving up, not ideal if you have tens of thousands of tweets.

Source: The Next Web, via TechCrunch


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