Google+ Becomes Second Largest Social Network

January 28th, 2013 at 7:56 pm

Google+ has beaten Twitter to become the world’s second largest social network. The Blue Bird was even pushed back at the number four position as YouTube outranks them as well. However, a new survey reports these three social networks are still far behind Facebook, which is used by over 51 percent of online users worldwide.

The report came from Trendstream’s Global Web Index, which estimates that Facebook had around 693 million monthly active users as of the final quarter of 2012, followed by Google+ with 343 million active users. The survey also counts YouTube as a social network and has managed to sneak into number three in its ranks, followed by Twitter with 288 million active users.

Despite the high ranking, many would argue that Google+ is a virtual ghost, as not as many people are contributing. “I think Google+ is working particularly hard to address this,” explains Brett Petersen, consulting director of Global Web Index. “Google+ contribution is becoming increasingly important as Google ties search, along with all of their other services, together with Google+ being the glue that binds them all.”

Source: Global Web Index, via PC World


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