Twitter Now Comes with LOLcat Language Option

February 10th, 2013 at 4:07 am

Twitter has been on a roll with its updates, which included an upgraded search engine that picks up even the much older tweets and a streamline search tool for its mobile apps. And recently Twitter decided to hide some easter egg for its Tweeters to enjoy: an option to turn their interface’s language into LOLcat.

This Internet slang originated through the style of language used in combination with a photo of a cat, which is often shared through photo sharing image boards such as The language, often written in all-caps (and in Impact typeface), is riddled with deliberate grammatical errors and SMS-style abbreviations.

When you switch your Twitter into LOLcat, the website is now called TWTTR (the site’s original project code name), “Compose new tweet” is written as “COMPOZE NEW TWEET,” and “Who to follow” is “HOO 2 FOLLOW” among others. The new language option does not translate your stream of tweets into an explosion of capital letters and Z’s, but you can spice it up by tweeting in LOLcat using an online translator.

Facebook also had its share of non-conventional language options, such as Pig Latin and Pirate.

To turn your Twitter into LOLcat, find the LOLcat option under the language drop down menu in Settings and activate it.

Source: Engadget


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