Iceland Moves to Block Online Pornography

February 15th, 2013 at 3:41 am

Iceland’s Interior minister has proposed that the government should block all Internet pornography. If Ögmundur Jónasson’s plan pushes through, Iceland would be the first Western country to ban online porn.

The proposal includes new legal measures that could make all X-rated websites completely inaccessible in this Nordic country, including blocking IP addresses of adult websites and making it illegal to use Iceland-based credit cards on such sites.

“We have to be able to discuss a ban on violent pornography, which we all agree has a very harmful effects [sic] on young people and can have a clear link to incidences of violent crime,” Ögmundur, a member of the Iceland’s left-wing party, told the Daily Mail. He added that the proposal is not about censorship, but rather the safety of women who appear in pornography and the children who may be exposed to it.

Iceland has already prohibited the publishing and distribution of pornography. Ögmundur’s proposal would extend these prohibitions to the Internet.

Iceland’s move to block all pornography on the Internet stems from a 2010 government study, which found that the violent nature of pornographic materials have increased the rate of sexual abuse and rape within their soil. The study also concluded that children who were exposed to pornography exhibited signs of trauma.

Source: The Daily Mail, via CNET


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