Trintme: Like “Bang With Friends,” But Classier

February 15th, 2013 at 6:56 am

By now you may have heard about “Bang With Friends,” that controversial Facebook-connected service that lets you privately inform friends that you want to go freaky with them. It is awkward–not to mention perverted–in so many levels, but you wish there is a similar app without the focus on just having sex with a Facebook friend.

Apparently, there is one. Trintme (derived for “true intentions”) allows you to privately indicate how you feel about your Facebook friend or even their friends. Each intention is represented by an icon, ranging from the platonic “you’re cool” and casual “let’s hang out” to the freaky “hook-up” and the hopeful “romance.”

Although the app requires permission from Facebook, your “trints” are (thankfully) never posted on your Timeline. Instead, everything is private until there is a match. There is also an option where you can send a private message to your friend without indicating what trint you have sent. Your matches are notified either through e-mail or from within the app. These trints expire after 30 days so you can start all over again.

Trintme was inspired from its founder’s real-life experience. VS Joshi caught up with a woman he knew from his past and she asked him why he never asked her out when they were in college.

“I thought of asking her out a hundred times,” Joshi told TechCrunch. “But I didn’t take the next step because I didn’t want to spoil another good relationship.”

Trintme is only currently available on the web. The team behind the app is scouting for ways to earn revenue, such as charging users to see matches or automatically resetting intentions for a fee, but nothing has been set in stone.

Source: TechCrunch


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