Chinese Military Accused of Orchestrating Cyberattacks Against US Companies

February 20th, 2013 at 9:10 pm

A report published by a U.S.-based security firm claims that the recent cyberattacks against American corporations and government agencies were conducted by the Chinese armed forces. The Mandiant report specifically pointed at Chinese military Unit 61398, claiming that the digital trail led investigators to the building that houses that unit.

China’s Ministry of National Defense countered the report, citing that Mandiant’s findings lacked hard evidence. Geng Yansheng, a spokesperson for the country’s defense ministry, called the report “irresponsible.” He added that Mandiant solely relied on the use of IP addresses to trace the hacking to China. However, such addresses are usually stolen and often used by hackers, thus making it difficulat to pinpoint the exact source of the cyberattacks.

Yansheng also stated that there is no standard international definition of a cyberattack and what would be considered as such.

“There is no legal evidence behind the report subjectively inducing that the everyday gathering of online (information) is online spying,” he said in a Google-translated press release.

The spokesperson also said China is also being targeted by hackers. “According to statistics, the Chinese armed forces access to the Internet user terminal suffered a large number of foreign attacks[. A]ccording to the IP addres of the display… a considerable number of attack sources [were] from the United States, but we did not… accuse the U.S. side.”

The Chinese military reiterated its claim that their country forbids hacker attacks, adding that its government has been cracking down on such criminal activities.

Source: “”>Ministry of National Defense, via CNET


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