Tech Trends For 2014

January 11th, 2014 at 9:05 am

shutterstock_114693529It is just a few days into the New Year and the tech world is expecting something bright and exciting. Lessons learned and experienced in the past year in tech will find itself being corrected this year. When it comes to upcoming trends, various tech experts have a lot to suggest that will come out big this year. Here are some of the trends expected to become big in 2014.

Cloud-Based Tools

The cloud was once an intriguing concept not only for people but also for many businesses. But as cloud services improve and more people see and experience the advantages and benefits they offer, converts to such services may begin to increase. More and more businesses may start embracing cloud-based tools and services aside from simple individuals. The cloud will no longer become a scary place or a dark frontier for many people this year.


When it comes to digital mobility nowadays, the greatest debate seems to increasingly revolve around screen size. Some people may prefer smartphones for their portability while others may prefer tablets for their larger screen sizes. But a greater number of people may remain undecided. This is the reason why the phablets may become a trend this year. This device, a cross between a phone and a tablet, sits right in the middle where smartphones and tablets converge. It takes the middle ground between small and large screen sizes. In a way, it offers the best of both worlds of digital mobility. And it is because of this that phablets may just become a big trend this year.

Augmented Reality

Several years ago, we can see a distinct boundary between technology and reality with regards to experience. But in recent years, devices have begun to mesh with our reality in a way that we use them as an add-on to physical reality. Google Glass may just pave the way into making out reality connected to the way we get information from the digital world, in real time. Augmented reality may just become a trend this year and may be the start of blurring the divide between the digital and the physical world.

Drones And Driverless Cars

This may become the year of the drones. Although drones may not be entirely new, the rapid development of drone technology will lead to remotely-controlled flying machines big and small capable of doing a wide range of applications. The US military has shown the many advantages that drones can offer at the war front. More exciting applications for drones may find its way into our lives this year.

In the same way, self-driving cars may find their way into consumer consciousness possibly this year. They may start off as self-parking cars if car manufacturers can come out with models this year offering such features. Soon enough we may be seeing a new range of cars with such capabilities that will someday develop into fully automatic modes of land transport without the need of human controls to get people from point A to point B. Such cars may still be a way off, but the trend may begin as early as this year.


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