Video Ads Coming To Facebook

March 14th, 2014 at 10:27 am

facebook-likeSocial networking giant Facebook is always standing on a delicate balance. On one side, it is looking to make its billions of members engaged and enjoy the experience when visiting the site. On the other side, it also seeks to find ways to further increase its profitability by using ads, something that many of its members do not like. But recently, Facebook may be focusing on the latter, trying to make the site more appealing to advertisers. And for this, the social network giant may be introducing something new in a recent update.

Facebook is having another update on its site. This time, it may be another ad option that many members may have to look at in their news feeds. After Facebook has opened its site to ads, it has been trying to provide more options for advertisers. This time, the new update will allow video ads to come out in Facebook member’s news feeds.

The new Premium Video Ads will make it possible for Facebook to offer video ads and integrate it into around the newsfeed of 1.2 billion members of the site. With the vast reach in the global market, it is expected to be a new revenue earner for the social networking giant. Facebook may still introduce the video ads slowly, in order to monitor and test how members react and interact with them.

The Premium Video Ads will consist of 15-second video ads that will play automatically when they appear in the members’ newsfeeds. This feature may not be something that most Facebook account members may welcome. That may be the reason why the social network will not be introducing the ads full force. The new video ads will be appearing on members’ news feeds in the upcoming months.

When it comes to the ad rates, Facebook has not provided any disclosure on how much these ads will cost. Based on the website’s reach, it is easy to estimate that the rate may be in the millions per day. Facebook also has not disclosed how frequent these video ads may appear on the newsfeeds.


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