Facebook friend tracker feature unveiled

April 22nd, 2014 at 2:03 am

Facebook friend tracker

Ever wonder where your Facebook friends are? The social media service will tell you with its latest friend tracker.

Facebook rolls out a new feature on its mobile app that displays locations of “Nearby Friends” in real time. The intention is noble, enabling users to meet their Facebook friends easily in real life. The friend tracker feature is turned off by default, so users who do not want Facebook to track their location can simply heave a sigh of relief.

Users who turned on the Nearby Friends feature can share their general location to all their Facebook friends, close friends (which you need to set in your Friends list), or a customized list of people you would like to show where you are at. Your location is only seen by friends who have chosen to share their location with you. It is never displayed in your public Timeline.

Nearby Friends, Facebook’s friend tracker feature, will be available on its iOS and Android apps. However, it will only work on select locations at first.

Source: CNN


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