Facebook Ask button for relationship statuses unveiled

May 19th, 2014 at 9:38 pm

Facebook Ask button

Just when you know asking for someone’s relationship status couldn’t be more awkward, Facebook introduces a button that allows you to do so. The Facebook Ask button lets users inquire about another member’s relationship status, even if they deliberately leave that part of their profile blank.

In a normal situation, one member could have just left a message to another user. But with the Facebook Ask button, not only that user can respond with just the asker, but even share that reply to friends or to the public.

The Ask button was formally introduced in January for other sections like employer, phone number, and home town. It was only this recent that this feature was extended into relationships.

The Facebook Ask button has been rolled out to many users based in the United States, and will likely to be available in other parts of the globe in the coming weeks.

Source: Telegraph


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