Apple hack in Australia demands ransom

May 28th, 2014 at 12:32 am

Apple hack

Users of Apple devices in Australia reported that they received messages claiming their gadgets were locked and needed a ransom to reverse the process. The Apple hack occured among iPhone, Mac, and iPad users in the island-continent, and would only be unlocked if affected users send money to a PayPal account.

The messages appeared through Apple’s Find My Phone app, which is used to locate the mobile device if it is lost or stolen. It remains unclear if the Apple hack occurred by exploiting the app or used other methods such as phishing to steal login information from users.

A report from the Sydney Morning Herald states that users who enabled passcodes on their devices have been able to regain control after the Apple hack message popped up. Those without this security precaution have their devices shut out.

PayPal claims the e-mail address the hacker claimed to use to pay the ransom has no account on their online payment service.

In an interview, security expert Troy Hunt explains that hackers may have accessed the acounts through compromised credentials during recent data breaches.

Source: USA Today


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