Apple Watch Unveiled

September 10th, 2014 at 3:46 pm

Apple Watch

Apple has not unveiled a new product since the time it introduced the iPad last 2010. It may have already been time to introduce a new product to capture the imagination of its avid followers. Apple did just that recently along with the unveiling of its new iPhone 6 models. It has also introduced the new Apple Watch.

The Apple Watch is a square-faced watch featuring a sapphire front panel for added durability. The watch also features a digital crown dial. In the classic wristwatch, the crown dial is used to set the time or date. In the new Apple Watch, the crown dial functions in coordination with the UI display. The touchscreen itself works along with the dial to provide extensive control over such a small display.

The Apple Watch also comes with a bunch of sensors to make it function as a fitness smartwatch. At the back of the watch is a number of infrared and visible light LED’s can sense a user’s heart rate. The watch is designed to also work seamlessly with the iPhone and iPad to enhance the features of both devices. From messages to health tracking, the Apple Watch aims to provide additional features for added convenience. Apple Pay will also provide a mobile payment solution for users and is supported by the new Apple Watch.

The Apple Watch is also designed for a number of customizations. The strap and case can be interchangeable with other stylish designs users may prefer. Other features include as a viewfinder for your iPhone camera, a remote control for your Apple TV and a convenient walkie-talkie. The Apple Watch is expected to be available with various designs in early 2015 for around $350.

Image Source: Apple


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