New Holiday Scams To Watch Out For

December 15th, 2014 at 1:33 pm

shutterstock_236872057The holiday season is usually tied to shopping and buying. People flood the malls or retail stores to buy gifts for themselves and their loved ones. Devices and gadgets become the primary target for most during the holiday season. But at the height of the shopping spree during the holidays, a number of scams also begin to prey on unsuspecting victims. There are the classic scams out there that still continue to deceive many people doing their holiday shopping. There are also new scams that many people may not yet be aware of. Here are some of them.

Bogus Shopping Sites Online
Many people prefer buying some of their gadget gifts online for convenience. They no longer have to get out of the office or the home just to buy certain products they have been eyeing all year. But people should try to be careful that they are buying from a legitimate online shopping site. Bogus shopping sites flood the Web especially during the holiday season. Bogus sites try to prey on unwilling victims by sending email ads about certain gadget bargains that may be too attractive to let go. Scammers also sometimes try to mimic a website of a legitimate shopping site by using their logo or name and make alternations to the domain name they use to make it look like that they are legitimate.

One way to know whether you are dealing with a legitimate site, make sure that you look for the “https” in the URL. This means that you are dealing with a secure website. It is especially a good security feature to look for when you need to enter any type of personal information to buy or shop through online stores.

Gift Card Scams
Buying gift cards become popular during the holiday season. But certain scams involving them may also victimize unsuspecting people. Some thieves steal gift card numbers by visiting gift card racks and secretly scan account numbers and pin numbers using electronic gadgets. They then try to register the cards online and wait for gift card buyers to load up the card and steal the funds.

To avoid becoming a gift card scam victim, try to ensure that you purchase a gift card that hasn’t been tampered with. Try to pay attention to any gift card packaging to see if it has been ripped off or torn. Check the scratch-off area of the pin number to ensure that it has not been tampered with. If you do find one, report it to the store manager and select another gift card. Keep the receipt as your proof of purchase in case anything similar to a scam may happen to you.


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