Yahoo Offers On-Demand Password Log In To Your Accounts

March 18th, 2015 at 5:52 pm


Online privacy and security has always been highly valued. But it is not always easy to enforce. The open platform that the World Wide Web offers for information sharing has its benefits. But it also has its risks and disadvantages. The wide-reaching coverage of the Web allows easy access to different kinds of date, with some of them not meant for sharing. Online accounts are always under the threat of identity theft if security measures in place are not that stable. Even using passwords to access accounts online are no longer that safe. Some other security measures should be developed to help minimize online security risks. Yahoo is betting on its new demand-password authentication feature to help boost up online security for its online products.

Yahoo has recently unveiled a new approach to a more secure online access to people’s Yahoo accounts. The company is offering an option for online access called on-demand passwords. People with Yahoo accounts can now access their accounts using only the time-sensitive password sent to them by the company through their mobile phones. Yahoo account users no longer even have to type in their primary password this time. This new identity authentication approach is considered to be a more secure option since on-demand passwords are temporary and change after every access. People receive these passwords from their personal mobile phones, making password phishing all the more difficult. Their passwords can no longer be stolen for use to steal their sensitive personal information. But a possible caveat may be if people lose their mobile phones, which may compromise their accounts.

This new sign-on method is now available on Yahoo accounts. Users only need to go to the “Account Security” menu and check the “On-demand Passwords” box. Users then need to enter their phone number and Yahoo will send a verification number to that phone for confirmation. Once this setup is successful, users only need to enter their username or email address in the login page and click on the “Send My Password” button. A time-sensitive code will then be sent to your registered mobile phone, which you can then use to access your Yahoo account.

Source: Yahoo


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